T&E Meats passes first 3rd Party Food Safety Audit

We always knew that some day, as our success continued, as has that of our customers, that we would be forced to endure the torturous ritual know as a 3rd Party Audit. Those of you in the commercial food world know what this means, and why we might be just a teeeeeny bit worried about […]

Nine Freakin’ Years!!

On July 1st, we passed an important milestone. It was July 1, 2008 – nine years ago – that Joel and i took over T&E Meats and began operations. Seems like that was back in the stone age, it was so long ago, and there have been so many changes. And so much growth – […]

T&E Meats and West Virginia flood relief efforts

The following article appeared in the Harrisonburg Daily News record a few days ago.  We appreciate the recognition: Auction Pigs Head To W.Va. Flood Victims By TONY BROWN Daily News-Record – August 18, 2016 HARRISONBURG These little piggies cried free-free-free all the way to West Virginia. Two pigs that will be auctioned off Friday at […]

Alpaca Meat Processing, Harrisonburg VA


If there is one thing for certain about working in a meat plant, you are never bored! Animal agriculture brings new things every day. In mid-June, it was our first Alpaca, seen here in the barn. While alpacas and llamas are a part of what’s for dinner in South America and a few other places […]

New Look, Same Company

T&E Meats is thrilled to launch our new website today! The site is chock-full of information about the services we offer, the support we provide, the meat processing industry, profiles of our farmers and producers, and where to buy local meats. The new T&E Meats website was launched with financial support provided by an ACRES […]

Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network Publishes Interview with T&E Meats Owner, Joe Cloud

The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network publishes a series of articles for small-scale processors, and T&E owner, Joe Cloud, was featured in their October interview. He discusses his approach to hiring, training, and retaining employees. You can read the article and download the PDF here.

The New York Times Ethics of Meat Contest

The NYT challenged readers to submit a 600-word essay answering the question “Why is it Ethical to Eat Meat.  Entries were due by April 8, 2012.   They commissioned 5 judges—Peter Singer, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Jonathan Safran Foer and Andrew Light—all of whom question or attack the idea of eating meat.  The prize – […]

I Like Meat

I was recently reading the comments to an on-line article about the ethics of meat-eating.  What follows is my response to the comment “What we need are place-based, not plant-based, diets.”  I couldn’t have said it better, and so I wrote: “I eat animals because I like them.  I like their meat, and I like […]