T&E Meats passes first 3rd Party Food Safety Audit

We always knew that some day, as our success continued, as has that of our customers, that we would be forced to endure the torturous ritual know as a 3rd Party Audit. Those of you in the commercial food world know what this means, and why we might be just a teeeeeny bit worried about it, not really knowing what to expect or how to prepare. Well, that day arrived on June 20th, when the auditor from FSNS appeared as scheduled and spent the day with us. This was a GMP Audit, for Good Manufacturing Practices, and focused on all of our procedures, safety controls, and record-keeping practices.

The audit really looks at how we take a disciplined and structured approach to cleaning, sanitation, training, maintenance, shipping and receiving, and so forth. Well, we heard last week that we passed! Yeah! We hope that in the future this will open some doors for our customers to make some more sales. The chimera motors and more of the larger retail and institutional customers will not buy unless the product has been processed in a plant that has an outside food safety auditor. USDA inspection alone is often no longer enough.