UPDATED-T&E Meats Covid-19 Program

June 11, 2020


Dear T&E Meats Customer:

As you all know we are living in interesting times due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The demand for local meat has sky-rocketed in the past week, and T&E is experiencing unprecedented short-term demand for services. In response to producer needs for an immediate increase in production, we have been looking at ways to streamline our processes and facilitate meeting this demand, thus allowing you to get local meats in the hands of those that need it.

We are now overbooking our calendar approximately 20% to get as much meat through as fast as we can. In order to be able to cut and pack this level of production, T&E is suspending certain services we normally provide. These are finer detailed services, for which we normally charge extra. Note that this is only a TEMPORARY suspension of detailed services in this emergency period. This action allows us to eliminate some of the fussier things we do – production items which slow us down – thus allowing us to get more of your product back to you quicker. We are suspending the following services effective immediately until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this brings you.

T&E Meats Suspended Services:

  1. Loose sausage only. No link or patty sausage.
  2. No ground beef patties.
  3. No Frenching of cuts.
  4. No thin sliced product.
  5. No Modern Boneless Cut beef.
  6. No kabobs, fajita, tri-tips, flat irons, mock tenders, etc.
  7. No dry-aging of beef. All beef will be cut in the approximate order in which it was slaughtered.
  8. Maximum of one(1) cut-sheet per carcass ( carcasses can still be split 2 to 4 ways).
  9. We automatically default to your previous cut-sheet, if animal is left in barn without a cut-sheet
  10. Lamb / goat bookings are suspended. T&E Meats will not take new lamb / goat bookings until after June 10, 2020.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Know that these decisions were not easy for us, but that we are doing the best we can to serve you as quickly as possible.

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