How high-tech butchers, niche operations differ (SFGate)

T&E Meats was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate. Here’s an excerpt:

Cloud was lured to this underappreciated link in the local food chain by Joel Salatin, the hyperarticulate farmer made famous by UC Berkeley’s Michael Pollan and the film “Food, Inc.” Salatin was worried about the Harrisonburg plant, T&E Meats, which was among the last that could process his tiny herds.

Small farms that want to brand their meats the way Napa vintners brand wines rely on small, federally inspected slaughterhouses to do it. T&E owners Tommy and Erma May would soon retire. Two years ago, Salatin persuaded Cloud, 52, a self-described foodie and dedicated carnivore, to plunge his retirement savings into the venture.

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